“Ruby’s Prayer is an excellent story about a young man and his family’s struggles in the closing days of the wild west. This historical fiction is an accurate portrayal of convict life in the Texas prison system, the importance and greed of the railroads at the time, and provides a bird’s eye view of what everyday life was like in 1880s Texas.

The plot is wide and envelops second chances, family, sacrifices, hardships, and a drive to fulfill a dying mother’s wish for the family she leaves behind. Full of excitement, drama and romance, this book is very well done, highly recommended and hard to put down!”

~ Joe Newcomb
CEO Truth Entertainment
Executive Producer
Dallas Buyers Club


“Ronald Keyser writes in a no-nonsense style that keeps me turning pages, and his descriptive paragraphs are marvelous. You’ll enjoy the book.”

~ Keith Bridwell
Publisher The Bridgeport Index


“Ruby’s Prayer was written to resonate with all readers, with similarities that reach across time and place. With themes of love, loss, struggle, and perseverance, anyone can empathize with the Wallace family, even if they don’t experience exactly the same things themselves.”

~ Bekah


Richly and thoroughly enlightening, Ruby’s Prayer delivers a vision of family life in a distant time; masterfully detailing both the positive and negative aspects of humanity. Keyser expertly manages to weave life in 1880s Texas with a compelling and sensitive love story. His character development is spot on and leaves the reader feeling as though they have personally met each and every one. “Prayer” touches on topics ranging from the pains of the American Civil War to the controversial advent of barbed wire and offers a captivating and highly researched look at the Texas prison system of the era, and all its abuses. With Ruby’s Prayer, Ronald Keyser has vividly portrayed a snapshot in time. Heartfelt and Engrossing…….A gem of a book.

~ Randall M Dewitt 
author of Jungle Stories: The Life of Delmar Strunk